About Us

BLUE SKY MEDIA LTD, as a footwear company, sells a variety of shoe products through its website https://www.blueskymedias.com. The company collaborates with the world’s finest shoe manufacturers to ensure customers receive satisfactory footwear.

The primary source of traffic for BLUE SKY MEDIA LTD is Facebook, where the company engages in advertising to attract customers. Advertising methods include displaying ads in users’ news feeds, promoting the brand through Facebook pages, and utilizing Facebook ad tools for targeted audience outreach.

In partnership with various global logistics companies, BLUE SKY MEDIA LTD prioritizes high-efficiency logistics tailored to the customer’s country, aiming for customers to receive their shoes within 12 days.

The company provides 24-hour online customer service, aiming to promptly address customer issues and offer post-sales support. This commitment to round-the-clock support allows the company to quickly respond to customer queries, handle refunds, or address post-sales needs, maintaining strong customer relationships and emphasizing a focus on customer experience.